Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Barbie Sock Dress Tutorial

In our house Barbie changes her wardrobe multiple times a day.
On. Off. On. Off.
My daughter has decided that
"Barbie is a fashionista & needs more clothes mommy!"
Good grief!

And since our dryer miraculously eat socks (yours too?) - Here's a fabulous idea to put those single socks to use!

Here's what you will need:
Clean child's sock
Embellishments (ribbon, buttons, bows, etc)

Cut off the toe portion of the sock & give it a try on Barbie.

Remove the sock & fold to create a "hem". Glue down all the way around.

We added some embellishments as accent trim:
Some ribbon for the straps, bottom & empire waist.
A sweet bow adds the finishing touch!

That's it. Easy right?

Took less than 5 minutes and didn't cost a penny.
Snow White Barbie never looked so fabulous!