Monday, May 18, 2009

Eco Chic

Can you guess what this chic & innovative hurricane cover is made from?

Paper towel tubes!

I found this adorable idea at A Little Hut.
All you need is:
- 2 paper towel cardboard tubes
- scissors
- glue
- two letter-sized sheets of office paper
- tape
- 4.5" x 9" (11.4cm x 23cm) glass hurricane

1. Press and crease the cardboard tubes lengthwise. Cut the cardboard into 1/8" (4mm) slices. You will need 84 rings.

2. Arrange the rings in a pattern where there are alternating rows of 4 and 3 rings.

3. Attach the rings, by placing small dots of glue (shown in red) on the four outer sides of each ring that are adjacent to four additional rings. Only add glue to two points (shown in green) on the outer side of the rings used for the top and bottom rows of the cover.

4. Cut about 1" (2.5cm) off the short end of each of the sheets or enough to make them flush to the height of the rings. Tape the two sheets together along the long sides and secure them around the hurricane.
5. Once the attached rings are completely dry attach the opposite columns of rings to form a tube. Allow more drying time and hold with a paper clip or something similar while it dries.
6. Slide the tube of rings over the paper-covered hurricane.