Tuesday, August 28, 2012

DIY Instagram Magnets

I'm slightly obsessed with Instagram and wanted to share my favorite photos in another place besides the Twitter universe. So with craft supplies I had on hand, I created some little morsels of cuteness... Magnets!

What you'll need:
Wood squares
Elmers glue
3D crystal lacquer
All purpose adhesive

Grab your favorite photos and resize the images to fit the wood squares (I used photoshop). Because Instagram photos are fairly low res, shrinking them works out well. Next print & cut them out.

Paint the wood squares & allow to dry. Using the elmers glue, spread a small amount all over one side of the square & attach the photo. Let dry.

Next apply a liberal amount of 3D crystal lacquer all over the photo. I let mine dry overnight & then applied a second coat. Attach a magnet to finish them off. 

 All done! The perfect addition to our fridge.

With the holidays around the corner, 
I think these would make adorable little gifts!

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