Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rainbow Sprinkles Necklace

 Holiday baking season is almost here! Woohoo!
 This year I wanted to create a special gift for all my baker friends! 
What better than a rainbow sprinkle necklace?

What you'll need:
Nonpareil sprinkles
Cabochon setting
3D Crystal Lacquer

Add a layer of sprinkles to your cabochon. Give it a little shake to make sure every little nook is covered.

Starting with the outer perimeter, add a layer of the crystal lacquer. If you get any air bubbles, take a small toothpick and pop them or drag them to the side until they come out. That's it! Allow 24 hours to completely dry.

It would also makes a sweet gift for the little ones. By the smile on her face, I'm pretty sure my daughter has confiscated this one :)

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