Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fight Night Birthday Bash!

I’m always looking for any excuse to throw a party. It just so happens this year the Mayweather vs. Mosley fight was scheduled around the time of my birthday.
Boxing, friends, food - I couldn’t ask for a better evening!

The invite I created for the party. Printed on heavy cardstock, guests were mailed "tickets" to the event.

For appetizers we had chicken tacquitos, chips & salsa bar, bruschetta, strawberries with vanilla dipping sauce, sun dried tomato, pesto & cream cheese dip with crackers and a cheese & black pepper salami platter.

My inspiration for the night was a roll of brown, pink & green polka dot wrapping paper. The actual paper was incorporated throughout the party from the pennant banners to the water bottle labels to wrapped candy bars.

For the water bottles, I wrapped each one with the wrapping paper, then hole punched scalloped circles and butterflies with cardstock. I also bent the wings to give them some dimension.

With the help of my cute little assistant, we made several party pennants to display around the house and incorporated dozens of pink & green paper lanterns.

Instead of a birthday cake, I opted to do a dessert & candy bar. Trying to stay true to the pink & green color theme, we had rainbow lollipops, pixy stiks, pop rocks, appleheads, strawberry wafer straws, cherry ring pops chocolate bars, cupcakes & the most delicious crème brulee served in chocolate cups. To ease some of the sugar rush, there were individual boxes of white cheddar popcorn for guests to munch on.

I created labels and using the same hole punches from the water bottle labels, decorated take-out boxes for the candy bar.

Can you guess what this is? We recently converted our daughters crib, the side railing made for a perfect display for the take-out boxes. As guests left, they just untied one and filled it with their treats!

Now to start planning our next party...

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