Friday, May 7, 2010

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I just adore this rainbow cake! It's so clean & simple on the outside, then a burst of fun once you slice into it! Sure to put a smile on everyone's face!
But don't just stop at rainbows... alter the layers with various shades of blue or pink for a baby shower, or coordinate the layers to match your parties colors. Ohhh the possibilities! Get the recipe from Whish Kid here.


  1. Yum! I recently made the rainbow cupcakes you had posted for my nieces Care Bear b-day party. Made a cake with the leftover batter...didn't look anywhere near as good as this.

  2. Love it! The colors are gorgeous! The color possibilities are endless with this cake! Can't wait to check out the recipe. Thanks for posting!

  3. What delicious recipe!I recently married into a Cuban family. One of my favorite things about this is their cooking!
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