Sunday, April 10, 2011

Felt Easter Cookies

Say hello to my little friends!
In my continued quest to make a fabulous non-sugary Easter basket, last year I came up with these little felt Easter “cookies”.

What you will need:
- Polyester Fiberfill
- Felt
- Embroidery Floss & Needle
- Fabric Glue
- Ric Rac Ribbon
- Black beads (for eyes & nose)

Download the templates here

1. Layer two pieces of felt and cut out the bunny & egg
2. Glue the ric rac ribbon to 1 piece of the egg. Set aside to dry.
3. Sew on the beads to create the eyes and nose
4. Put the matching pieces together and using a blanket stitch, sew around the edges leaving an opening for stuffing
5. Stuff your cookies with fiberfill, then sew the opening closed

Don’t worry you still have plenty of time to make these for Easter. They are super easy to make, so you can whip up several in no time.

They’re sure to be a fun addition to our ever growing felt food collection.

Note to self...Never leave a curious toddler alone with a bag of fiberfill
"Look mama ~ I made it snow all over the room"