Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chalkboard Easter Eggs

This year I wanted to do something different with Easter eggs. Since my little girl likes to draw, I thought chalkboard eggs would be fun to try!

All you'll need is eggs, a bowl, chalkboard spray paint & of course chalk! I bought the paint at Michael's.

First you'll want to empty & clean out the eggs. Tap a small hole on one end & a pin sized hole at the other end. Now place a bowl under you and put your lips up to the egg. You'll want to blow through the pin size hole. All the egg guts will empty out the other end into the bowl.

Fill the egg with some hot water & give it a good shake. Empty out the water & repeat a few times.

Place a skewer in the larger hole & start spray painting! I did two layers of paint & allowed the eggs to dry overnight before drawing on them.

A cute idea for love messages!

For our Easter brunch, I plan to put one egg at each place setting with the guests name & a piece of chalk adorned with a pretty ribbon for them to doodle!

The chalk easily wipes off, so the eggs can be used over & over again!

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