Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter Bunny Canvas

Add some fun to your Easter decor with this pom-pom bunny 
and pennant canvas!

What you'll need:
Craft paint
Paint brushes
Bunny stencil
White yarn
Hot glue gun

1. Paint the entire canvas the color of your choice.
2. I googled bunny clipart & selected a favorite image. Print the image, cut it out & trace the image on to the canvas.
3. Fill in the traced bunny image with white paint.
4. Cut a few triangles from the fabric for the pennants. 
4. Using the glue gun, attach the triangles to the twine.
5. Make two pom-poms using the white yarn.
6. Attach pom-poms to bunnies butts with the glue gun.

That's it! Super quick & easy to make!
 Hope you have a Hoppy Easter :)

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