Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ebelskiver Love

I have a new minor obsession, ebelskivers! They've become our latest weekend breakfast treat and they also make an awesome late night snack!
William-Sonoma sells an amazing pan & box mix to make these little gems but I recently discovered Trader Joes sells them pre-made in the freezer section. Just throw them in the microwave for a few seconds and Oh. My. Goodness.
Don't live near a Trader Joes? My condolences, you might consider moving... just sayin'!

There are a variety of ways to eat them. We sprinkle ours with powdered sugar and top them with homemade jams & jellies. We also serve them with warm chocolate sauce & fresh whipped cream...Heaven!

To avoid slipping into a chocolate & carb coma, I also serve some yummy fresh fruit.

And no breakfast would be complete without bacon. But as to not to feel completely guilty of eating a dozen balls, this time I opted for turkey bacon. Delish!

Have you ever tried Ebelskivers? How do you eat them?